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Free Speech and Social Media

I’ve seen a lot of talk about social media and free speech, so I figured I’d weigh in because my opinion is better and should be considered more valid than everyone else’s. The main thrust of the argument I’m hearing is that the government should regulate Twitter, Facebook, and Google like utilities because they are […]

Being A Man

Before we take this Ramble, I have a confession. This Ramble is also a bit of a book review for a few books I read recently. I’ve linked to them throughout the Ramble, and if you buy those books through those links, I get a little kickback from Amazon. I promise I’m not linking you […]

No Regrets

Live life knowing that one day it will end and you won’t have to fear the day you have to leave.


Early voting started this week in Texas! Get your ass out there and cast your ballot for whichever train wreck of a human you think will keep us all afloat the longest!


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About Me

I’m a guy living in central Texas with a wife and kids. I find inspiration from guys who make their dreams happen. I find joy in people living their best life. I love watching my children discover contentment in the natural world. I appreciate the protections afforded to me by the pure luck of being born in the United States of America.

Stay ready. Stay safe. Stay free.

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